Welcome to DigitalTrot !

I am Nupur Pachauri, a working and a loving mom of two endearing kids, a dreamer, passionate about Digital Marketing and Consulting, on quest for a perfect work-life balance (looking on all-fours literally but with a SMILE) !

Any Army child worth his salt knows that change is inevitable, and sometimes unwelcome part of life. I have lived this fact throughout my childhood and benefited from the experience.

When faced with a changing tide, transformation becomes ineluctable. I was faced with a similar feeling sometime back, and decided to ride the tide, instead of fighting it!

Life, as we know it, has its beautiful way of manifesting our deepest desires and passions. What started as a hunch and a dream is becoming a reality now as DigitalTrot!

Here, on DigitalTrot, I aspire to create a Digital Marketing knowledge bank, where I share my expertise and solution on various Digital Marketing topics/woes. So, read on, subscribe and contribute to this blog, as you like!

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