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Welcome to, one-stop shop for all your Digital Marketing woes!I am a Digital Marketing freelancer, with 12 years of erstwhile corporate experience. is my humble effort to create a knowledge bank where I share my expertise and solution on various Digital Marketing topics.I am a Mom to two endearing kids, a dreamer, passionate about Digital Marketing and Consulting, on quest for a perfect work-life balance (looking on all-fours literally but with a SMILE)!Hope you enjoy the read! You can reach me at

Top 7 Web Analytics Metrics to measure in 2021

New to the Digital Marketing world? Website performance and metrics keeps you confused and awake at night? Do not fret! Let me introduce you to Web Analytics metrics which help you measure website performance, and understand how to optimize its performance. These metrics will help you formulate next steps to better your campaign or content, …

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A Rudimentary Marketing guide for Rookies!

Marketing is complex, Digital Marketing more so! Marketing is not just creativity, but a science which encompasses tons of different tactics and strategies. Acing the science of Marketing can take years, and the best way to start is by getting your basics right. Have you tried that before? And failed to digest the complex terminologies and …

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